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Alexander Schulz

Athlet | World record slackliner

Ever since I was born in Rosenheim in 1991 the mountains nearby have been my home. 
As a boy I went climbing, hiking, skiing, canyoning, caving and mountain biking.

However, when I was standing on a slackline for the first time in summer 2008, I knew: this is exactly the type of sport that I’ve always wanted to do!

In June 2010 I walked my first highline and after I had graduated from High School in April 2011, I could fully concentrate on slacklining. Since then I have achieved great results and realized many projects together with my team.

Facebook: @AlexanderSchulzSlackliner
Instagram: @alexander_schulz_slackliner

Best Achievements:

World record longest highline (categorie Polyamid/Nylon) 650m, Roche Tuilière et Sanadoire FR (current world record)
World record longest waterline 535m, Schnalstaal IT (current world record)
world record longline (absolut) with 610 meters length in china (current world record)
world record highline (absolut) with 375 meters length in china
world record waterline (categorie polyester) with 196 meters length
world record longline (categorie polyester) with 340 meters length

Projects I've been involved with:




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