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Personal borderline experiences and graphic projects of our athletes are the basis of inspirational talks.
We broaden the horizon of your employees & customers and illustrate how we can face challenges beyond our comfort zone and grow by tackling them.

The focus hereby lays on strategies for overcoming fears, risk management and dealing with pressure. These topics are imparted with practical examples. On top of that the dynamic and diverse sport slacklining can be linked to a variety of topics.

Our talks can be combined with interactive workshops and breathtaking shows on a highline or trickline. Your employees can immediately put everything just heard to practical use by taking their first steps out of their comfort zone on a low slackline with the support of our staff. The extraordinary experience of seeing an action loaded trickline or highline show from close up will for sure stick in your customers' and employees‘ memories.


  • Talk at AUDI accompanying the launch of the new RS models, 2019

  • Motivational talk & workshop for employees of AUDI subsidiary CSI in Ingolstadt, Germany

  • Presentation about risk management at DocNet Symposium in St. Gallen, Switzerland

  • Talk & highline show at open day 2015 of the German embassy in Beijing, China

  • Talk & trickline show for „Kick-Off Pension 2014“ of Raiffeisen Bank Burgenland, Austria

  • Keynote about „Stepping out of your Comfort zone“ plus highline show @ Cloudfest 2018 in Europark Rust, Germany

  • TEDx-Talk “Finding the right balance in extreme sports” 2019 @ FH Kufstein, Austria




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