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Mirko Prohaska

Managing director | Rigging | Safety

I was born in 1983 and I live in Ingolstadt. In 2006 I started climbing, which probably was only a gateway to slacklining. One year later I discovered the mind bending and mind changing effect of balancing on slacklines
Since then some years have passed and today I’m indulging in my passion together with a number of friends not only from my own town and country, but also from other countries as well. Slackliners show great appreciation and respect for each other, which makes slacklining a sort of special approach to life. 
What attracts me to highlining is the fascination of being exposed, the energy I get by overcoming my fears, the feeling of being connected with other people and the curiosity for this great world.
This sport has been my incitement to travel through Europe and experience fascinating locations even more intensively these past two years. I have walked almost 40 highlines in Germany as well as especially in France, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Italy. Some of them were first ascends.

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