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Marinus Spatzier

Engineering | Rigging | Safety

In 1993 I was born in Rosenheim and grew up in the alpine upland. I have been fascinated by alpine sports ever since childhood. This way I first went climbing and later I started highlining, especially as the combination of the two sports has always attracted me a lot. As the sport, when I began doing it, was still very young and hardly known in Germany, I developed slackline equipment myself. First I manufactured it only for myself, then for friends and finally for other slackine producers. At that time I was able to work in my father's mechanical engineering firm, whereas today I have my own workshop, in which I can realize my ideas for our products thanks to a 3D printer, a CNC shaping machine and CAD software.
I am responsible for both product development and planning and organization of the set up of our slackline projects.

Projects I've been involved with:




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