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Friedensengel, Munich

There are some new, so far unpublished pictures below the report of this super beautiful urban midline:

On the Friday evening of January 13th, it was time for a very special project: a midline at the Friedensengel in Munich!

Hannes and me inspected the spot closely on the evening before to specify the length and fixation of the line. Fortunately there were metal grates at both sides of the stairs, on which we could fix the „Rundschlingen“ and lead them from there through the balustrade of the stairs to the top. We didn't want to rig directly at the balustrade to avoid any damage on them. Rigging the line went smoothly after all that preparation

Hannes was first to walk the 40-meter-long and in the middle three-meter-high line twice. After I had also walked it without anybody disturbing us, we decided stay a little longer to try various perspectives.
Actually we had thought we would be seen and forced to derig the line rather soon, as a main road leads directly towards the monument and there are police cars patrolling and passing by at least every ten minutes.

However, we were lucky and able to have fun for an hour without anybody stopping us. So we got away with everything safely full of wonderful memories.

Our friend and photographer Benjamin Spengler took great pictures:





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