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Highline at the Top of Germany

Beginning of october 2012 we rigged a highline for the ski professional Felix Neureuther at the highest point of germany (summit of "Zugspitze"). This was also for us an unforgettable experience...

Felix Neureuther – whoever hears that name, thinks of superb professional skiing at once. Few people actually know how much your mind influences this sport. Mental power and concentration are decisive factors in failing or succeeding.

Felix Neureuther has got an insiders' tip for it: highlining.
Balancing on a one inch wide line – exposed in the open at the highest peek of Germany – offers a perfect setting for fine tuning the mental and physical state of a competitive athlete.

In the interview he clarifies what skiing and highlining have in common:

“Both sports are like dancing on a razor blade.”

The professional set up – especially guaranteeing safety and supervision – are essential. It was provided by One Inch Dreams as well as the documentation in film and pictures.





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