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166 meters waterline world record

One year after Alex could walk a 140-meter-long waterline across the swimming lake in Uttendorf, the complete team of One Inch Dreams came back for the second edition of the waterline event, which took place on June 1 and 2. There were a trickline and a water-speedline contest and an attempt for another world record in waterlining.

At the same time there was a climbing competition there. While it was going on, there was no chance of sending the long waterline, because the DJ was playing the worst music ever! But when it was finished, we could play our own slackline vibes and that, in combination with a lot of motivation, brought Alex to the other end of the 166 meters long waterline. On top of it, he also won the speedline contest. Johannes got third there.

A day full of fun and awesomeness! (If you disregard Alexander's bad fall on his head at the end which prevented him to try walking the 110 meter long world record highline at Hochkönig the next day)

Line Facts:

length: 166 meters
base tension: 17 kN
webbing: Strong II
sending style: One direction (half man)
Date: 2nd june 2012





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