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Welcome Back - Dreams are made in the USA

Do you want to know why we have been offline for such a long time? Well, there are two answers to this question.

Firstly, we definitely had our problems with getting motivated to work with social media. We asked ourselves several times what´s the point of all this. The good thing is, we found meaning. While browsing our old archives we stumbled across almost forgotten footage. Moments and unique experiences that simply cannot sink into oblivion. We have so many incredible stories to tell and share with you! Right now we are building our new archive with the help of Archiware and do tons of editorial work. We don´t want to become famous by telling our stories but to reminisce and pay homage to our old and recent projects and enrich the slackline community with one inch dreams.

The second reason for our social media absence is that we just finished our biggest project ever - BuildingBridges. Finally, three films are ready and waiting for their premiere. Here are already some screenshots as a sneak preview. Enjoy!





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