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271 m Waterline world record on Helgoland

On August 14th 2014 Alex sent a 271 m long slackline over the harbor basin of the North Sea island of Helgoland and thus gained back the world record in waterlining.
The walk was the climax of the "Mission:HD for Helgo
land" (promotion tour from german company HD+).

During the strong thunderstorm in the morning Alex did not expect to be successful. Luckily, the weather changed to sunshine in the afternoon and thus gave Alex the opportunity to send the line under nearly perfect conditions. Nevertheless, it still did not turn out to be easy, as the wind and the strong tide made the final run a very „mental thing“, especially during the second half of the line.

Find all the photos on the project page.

Line Facts:

length: 271 m
sag: 3,7 m
base tension: 13 kN
tensioning system: Anaconda pulley system
webbing: Dyneema (34 g/m) von Elephant Slacklines
anchor points: Two 5 tonnes heavy concrete blocks on each side
sending style: half man (one direction)
date: august 14th 2014





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