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Highline Workshops

A highline workshop under professional instruction will give people a unique opportunity to do something they never expected to be able to do: Balancing across a deep canyon.
Even experienced slackliners and climbers need a professional introduction to the safety precautions, the techniques and the mental aspects of walking a highline.

Our team member Friedi Kühne is a world record holder Slackline-Pro. Profit from his experience and take your first steps on a highline in a safe environment!
With a top-rope security system, participants can experience the adrenaline rush of height, while still being 100% safe and secure.
No matter if it is indoors or outdoors, group or personal training, young or old – we can provide the opportunity to have your own very first highline experience.

We can guarantee an individual mentoring due to small group sizes of maximum 6 participants.
The dates of the workshops can be adapted to your interests. In order to find out about the date of the next workshops or the prices, click here:




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