Premiere of slackline adventure "In Between Boundaries"

[German version, not translated to Englisch yet:] Slackline-Profi Alexander Schulz balanciert konzentriert auf ei


Longline world record in china - 610m

On Mai 9th 2015 Alex conquered the third and last world record in slacklining by walking the so far longest slackli


Highline world record in China - 375m

During his slackline trip to china in November 2014 Alexander Schulz managed to walk a 375m long highline 


Waterline World Record on Helgoland

Today (14.8.14) Alex sent a 271m long Slackline over the harbour basin of the Northsea island Helgoland and thus se


3rd Slackline Festival in LIVINGROOM Hochkönig presented by Raiffeisen Club

From 15.08.14 to the 17.08.14 we organize the legendary Slackline Festival at Hochkönig in Austria for the third ti


Cable Car Highline at the top of germany (Zugspitze)

After endless planning and organisation we could finally realize a very special project on thursday, 17.7.2014:A hi

Portrait Alexander Schulz

Ever since I was born in Rosenheim in 1991 the mountains nearby have been my home. 
As a boy I went climbing, hiking, skiing, canyoning, caving and mountain biking.

However, when I was standing on a slackline for the first time in summer 2010, I knew: this is exactly the type of sport that I’ve always wanted to do. In June 2010 I walked my first highline and when I had graduated from High School in April 2011, I could fully concentrate on slacklining and achieve great results. 

My first record was walking the longest longline of Europe on the first try in Mai 2011. In June 2011 – one year after my first highline – I was able to break the world records in waterlining and highlining managing to walk 10 more meters each.

In December during my two-month highline trip in the USA I could add another four meters to the highline world record. The second great achievement and of this trip and in the USA a great experience was surely rigging the first “space anchor highline” of the world in Moab.  

In 2012 I could so far break the world record for the longest waterline again (166 meters) and walked the longest highline on the material Polyester (110 meters).


Best Achievements:

World record longest highline (categorie Polyamid/Nylon) 650m, Roche Tuilière et Sanadoire FR (current world record)

World record longest waterline 535m, Schnalstaal IT (current world record)

world record longline (absolut) with 610 meters length in china (current world record)

world record highline (absolut) with 375 meters length in china

world record waterline (absolut) with 327 meters length at lake Eibsee

world record waterline (categorie polyester) with 196 meters length

world record longline (categorie polyester) with 340 meters length 

My Sponsors:

I enjoy walking on webbings made by Elephant Slacklines.

Stubai supplies me with climbing gear and Tatonka with backpacks. Whenever I need a brake from raging I'm chilling in one of the great hammocks from Ticket to the moon.