Waterline World Record on Helgoland

This afternoon (14.8.14) Alex sent a 271m long Slackline over the harbour basin of the Northsea isla

efficiency tests of pulley systems

Last Sunday we performed the so far most detailed and most neutral efficiency test comparing the pulley systems mostly used for slacklining Our test showed that "Cobra" is as good as the system that so far has been considered to be the best without any question, although it is a lot lighter in weight and smaller in measurement. In order to find out the effectiveness of the Cobra pulley system in comparison to other pulley systems available, we carried out four different tests. It was our aim to measure the power necessary to lift a number of weights with the different pulley systems. By using an electric cable winch pulling the rope from the pulley system we achieved a constant pulling speed. 

You can download a detailed description and all the results of the test as a PDF-file here.

Here the video of the test:

Efficiency test of slackline pulley systems from Johannes Olszewski on Vimeo.