Premiere of slackline adventure "In Between Boundaries"

[German version, not translated to Englisch yet:] Slackline-Profi Alexander Schulz balanciert konzentriert auf ei


Longline world record in china - 610m

On Mai 9th 2015 Alex conquered the third and last world record in slacklining by walking the so far longest slackli


Highline world record in China - 375m

During his slackline trip to china in November 2014 Alexander Schulz managed to walk a 375m long highline 


Waterline World Record on Helgoland

Today (14.8.14) Alex sent a 271m long Slackline over the harbour basin of the Northsea island Helgoland and thus se


3rd Slackline Festival in LIVINGROOM Hochkönig presented by Raiffeisen Club

From 15.08.14 to the 17.08.14 we organize the legendary Slackline Festival at Hochkönig in Austria for the third ti


Cable Car Highline at the top of germany (Zugspitze)

After endless planning and organisation we could finally realize a very special project on thursday, 17.7.2014:A hi

Highline above the Olympic Stadium


2m² and not more was the space we had for setting up the Olympia highline – and this at a height of 80 metres!

As there was a constant wind and rainfall we weren't allowed to make any mistakes. We needed permanent concentration, because no matter where we were standing while setting up the line on top of the pylones, we felt the exposure all the time and knew that one wrong movement could be deadly.
It took us two full days to rig the line ... so much to the effort of urbane highlines.

As expected we had strong wind also while walking which frightened me a lot. It took long till I managed  the first sitting start on the 61.7 metre long highline.
So I was totally surprised that I got to the middle on the first try; ans thus I got back the confidence that I usually have.
After that everything was "business as usual" – concentration, step by step, music in the ear... and then finally I reached the other side!
The inner tension and the pressure that you make yourself, all that was gone and the feeling of ease afterwards cannot be described in words.
The way back was "relaxed" and I made it onsight.
In conclusion nice highline and a great experience!