Highline world record in China - 375m

During his slackline trip to china in November 2014 Alexander Schulz managed to walk a 375m long highline and


Waterline World Record on Helgoland

Today (14.8.14) Alex sent a 271m long Slackline over the harbour basin of the Northsea island Helgoland and thus set a n


3rd Slackline Festival in LIVINGROOM Hochkönig presented by Raiffeisen Club

From 15.08.14 to the 17.08.14 we organize the legendary Slackline Festival at Hochkönig in Austria for the third time. O

About us

No guts, no glory. We take care about our lives and that is the reason why we're climbing, travelling to remote destinies and rigging our lines above big gaps.

It's not the kick or craving for recognition, it's just about fulfilling your dreams and doing what you love.

Slackline: First Steps

When being the first time on the line, you're thinking: it's impossible! Then again, getting up, standing for some seconds … but failing again!

The beginning of slacklining is pretty hard. It's difficult to be patient and keep on trying and trying...

Then, after many tries, the first steps!

Euphoria! Now you're motivated to cross the whole line, you want to do it.

In this sport you're absolutly free to do what you want. There are no rules. No matter of the altitude or the length, it's always your will that defines your way.

And now? A dream has become reality and the aims are just getting bigger.

Highline: the next step

The first highline: you're completely exhausted because of getting all the gear up the mountain, but still the line has to be rigged under complicated circumstances.

Then, sitting on the line, you're realizing that the biggest challenge still has to be mastered.

Why all that?

Because we enjoy the pure consciousness you are feeling when focussing just on the one demanding thing: Highlining